Sunru Carter
Emcee, Singer, Fashion Designer, Visionary and Founder of TownFuturist Media.
Music Producer, Singer, Videographer, Promoter and Co-Founder of TownFuturist Media.
Singer and Song Writer.
Candice Antique
Singer, Songwriter and Community Educator.
Valerie Trout
Singer, Songwriter and Jazz Vocalist.
Ashel Seesunz aka Uber Rapper
Emcee, Singer, Community Activist and Visionary.
Emcee and Actor.
Unity Lewis
Emcee, Poet and Visual Artist.
Hazel Rose
Vocalist and Emcee
Femme Deadly Venoms
Emcee and Vocalist Aima the Dreamer and DJ, Producer and Vocalist Lady Fingaz.
Malika - Queen of The Bay
Singer, Songwriter who appeared on MTV's Making of The Band.
Tony Jazzo
Music Producer, Singer, Emcee and Promoter
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